Constanta is more than just the entry point to the Black Sea coast. It is a place with a long and interesting past, attested by its many outstanding Greek and Roman vestiges, historic buildings, and colorful facades that are found in the Old City Centre.

Here are just a few reasons why Constanta is so awesome:

The city has a very large number of minorities. Eighteen minority groups live together in peace and harmony in the Dobrudja region, which entitles our city to be called a multicultural and diverse city.


We are very proud to have our own home-grown champions. Former footballer Gheorghe Hagi and tennis player Simona Halep are valuable ambassadors of Constanta and Romania worldwide.

Constanta port is the largest and deepest harbor at the Black Sea and the Danube and the fourth largest European port, with 140 berths and a Free Zone status for the entire port area. Landmarks in the city include the Tomis Marina, Ovid Square, Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, the Museum of National History and Archaeology, the Tomis Eye, Dolphinarium, a natural reservation and the Casino, which is currently undergoing a major restoration process.

A must-see spot in Constanta is the Pearl of the Romanian seaside: Mamaia resort, the most modern, popular and populated tourist resort of the Romanian Riviera, with hundreds of hotels, restaurants and night clubs.


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